MÍN is here!

Starting from 1st September, XIAOMING is officially changing its name to “N”. Haiyue Tao, founder of MÍN Design Agent & Distributor completes the LOGO changing together with a German – Chinese designer – Yimeng Wu. This is not only a cooperation in between them, but also a total new deep communication approach among contemporary designers.

The final design used Yimeng’s freehand sketching. The VI design concept is based on an idea of Box/Space. Box is an object, like design product, present or package. Space, however, is a relatively infinite and more abstract concept. This combination expressed our wish to build a special space and platform for international design communication. This “irregular polygon” can be seen as the outline of a solid box turning to 45 degree, meanwhile, like a door leading us to a wider space, letting people to make their own associations.

Like MíN’s product, the LOGO also presents the solid, compact and irregular shape. Therefore, this design about space could be interpret as a box, but also a space, it can change with your own imagination.

Font of the LOGO is Hammersmith for both its shape and color fit MÍN perfectly. However, instead of a regular “i”, the “í” MÍN is using has a special shape – with a small box on top of it instead of a dot, thus changed it into the second tone of the character “Min” in Pinyin. This small change has made the LOGO more elegant and modernized , full of MÍN style.

Designer: Yimeng Wu is the founder of Studio Wu. She is an expert in Cross-cultural vision design. she focuses on the common aspect of western and eastern culture, trying to find the prefect way of transformation in between art and design. Her work has won the awards of “the most beautiful book in Germany” and German Design Award, etc.


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